Digital Dental Impressions at OrthoPros in Tucson

Dental impressions are essential to the practice of dentistry, as they are the vital jumping off point that allows dentists to accurately fit dental appliances like braces or bridges to a patient’s teeth perfectly and accurately engage the customized treatment plan and procedures that will successfully correct each patient’s smile. While they have always been a necessity, they haven’t always been fun. We can all relate to the universal feeling one gets when the dentist says it’s time for a dental impression of your teeth – the slight wince and internal cringe as we stiffen up and open wide, stretching our mouth around an awkwardly-sized tray before biting down into a heaping serving of (for lack of a better term) cold, slimy seaweed “goo” that is both messy and unappetizing. It’s an uncomfortable and downright unpleasant process for many patients. We here at OrthoPros have eliminated that process.

Modern technology has blessed us with yet another beautiful innovation in the digital mouth scanner, which makes creating an impression of your teeth an easy, convenient, and comfortable process that requires nothing more of you than a smile. At OrthoPros, gone are the days of biting into that goopy concoction and counting down the seconds until freedom. Thanks to the small, handheld device known as the digital mouth scanner, we bet that impressions will take the place of brushing your teeth as the easiest part of your dental appointment!

The digital mouth scanner has turned creating impressions into a non-invasive, extremely quick and easy procedure in which the team at OrthoPros utilizes a small handheld laser which takes multiple mini pictures of your mouth to create a 3D image of your smile. There is no need to bite down on anything or even hold your mouth open for an extended period of time – you’ll be able to talk, breathe, and swallow normally throughout the short duration of the scan. From there, the image is sent straight to the lab to create your customized appliance. 

In addition to being a much more enjoyable overall experience for OrthoPros patients, impressionless dental scans have also proven to be much faster, more accurate, and safer, as they remove any need for X-rays. Their specialized technology has also allowed for innovations that weren’t previously available, such being able to project and show you an image of what your teeth will look like following treatment.

OrthoPros is proud to offer impressionless dental scans to all of our patients in Tucson – we look forward to reversing and revolutionizing your old impression of dental impressions!

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