Instant Gratification Teeth Whitening

Lasers Bring Next-Generation Technology To Teeth Whitening The quest for the perfect smile doesn’t stop at just straight teeth, it matters how white your teeth …

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What is the Wisdom in Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom teeth removal is recommended for kids between the ages of 15 – 20. Why so young? Simple. Majority of us do not have room …

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Scaling and Root Planing – Attack Gum Disease at it’s Root

Have you been told you need Deep Dental Cleanings? We offer those at OrthoPros! Not only do we perform scaling and root planing (Deep Cleaning) …

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Dental Implants – A New Kind of Tooth Fairy

As children, losing a tooth means we’re growing up, a rite of passage we look forward to with much excitement! We dream of placing our …

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What to Expect on Your First Orthodontics Visit at OrthoPros in Tucson

Do you ever wonder if your kids teeth are coming in like they are supposed to? Does your child’s bite seem off? The type of …

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5 Ways to Afford Braces in Tucson

Most of us are not born with naturally straight teeth. It is something simply out of our control! However, taking action to improving our smile …

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