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The Importance of Oral Care

Why Oral Health Is So Important

Here at OrthoPros & DentalPros, we’re dental professionals, so we are just naturally aware of the importance of a healthy mouth, teeth and gums. The benefits of good oral health seem self-evident to us. But for the all the other people in the world who don’t work in orthodontics or dentistry, here is some information on why good oral hygiene is important.

Good oral health:

Offers cosmetic, psychological and social benefits

People want to look their best, and a nice, healthy smile is a key component of attractiveness. By taking care of your mouth, you can avoid bad breath and rotten teeth. People with attractive smiles feel more confident. Studies have also shown attractive people may have a social advantage when interacting with others and have of advantages in their careers.

Helps you avoid pain and infections

Ever had a toothache? They hurt—a lot! And cavities and gum disease can lead to infections which compound the pain and bring oral health problems to a more severe level.

Is the start of healthy digestion

Chewing and saliva serve to physically and chemically break down the food you eat. The beginning of the digestive process happens in the mouth, and a healthy beginning here can stave off digestive disorders in the intestines and bowels.

Can help ward off diseases

Gum disease has been clinically linked to a whole host of medical conditions, many of which at first glance may seem to have nothing to do with the mouth, conditions such as heart disease and strokes. Gum disease may also make diabetes more difficult to control and cause pregnancy issues. Mouth infections foster dangerous bacteria which can affect major organs.


It’s been said that the eyes are the window to the soul. It can also be said that the mouth is the window to the body. What we mean is many that the manifestations of many diseases can be first detected in the mouth, from leukemia to diabetes, from pancreatic cancer to kidney disease.


So getting regular dental check-ups from a dentist and creating good oral health through an aligned bite are indeed important. They bring health benefits, social benefits, and even joy!


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