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What to Expect When Getting Braces in Tucson at OrthoPros

After putting on braces for many years in Tucson, one thing never changes – the questions patients have about the process. You might be thinking:

Getting braces in Tucson at OrthoPros is an exciting experience! It’s the first time you’re taking control of your smile – giving you more confidence in everything you do.

To get you ready for the smile you’ve been waiting for, OrthoPros put together a list of things you can expect when getting braces.

We hope these tips help you as much as they’ve helped numerous others.

What to Expect When You Get Your Braces Put On:

1) It doesn’t hurt to get braces, but your mouth may be sore afterwards

           (Expect your teeth and mouth to be sore for about a week.)

2) It usually takes 1-2 hours

           (That’s 1 movie or 4 cartoons.)

3) Your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and dried before we do anything

4) Next, we’ll apply bonding glue to attach the brackets to your teeth

           (Be forewarned: the glue doesn’t taste good.)

5) Finally, arch wire will go between the brackets to connect your teeth, and rubber bands will secure it all in place

What to Expect When You Get Home:

1) Make soft foods your best friend – soups, mac n’ cheese, frozen yogurt, applesauce, bananas – you get the idea

2) Feeling a little pain and soreness is normal

           (Take a pain reliever like ibuprofen or acetaminophen – sometimes even Orajel® can help.)

3) During the first few weeks you may experience mouth sores

           (Helpful tip: apply orthodontic wax to your new brackets to give those sores some time to heal.)

4) Avoid drinking things like orange juice or eating any foods that have a high acid concentration like tomato sauce or balsamic vinegar dressing

5) If your lips and gums feel sore, create a rinse of warm salt water

           (How to make the rinse: 1/2 tsp of salt per cup of water swished around in your mouth several times a day will ease the irritation and speed up healing.)

Now, break out into your happy dance because you’re about to get a smile that will give you confidence for decades to come! To get started on your new smile, contact OrthoPros in Tucson.


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